Vote in secret without fear, intimidation, or coercion.

Cast a ballot if legally registered in the county.

Cast a ballot if present and in line at the Election Day Precinct before the polls close (7 PM in Central Time & 8 PM in Eastern Time).

Ask for and receive assistance in voting as authorized by state law.

Ask election officials questions about the voting process and election procedures and receive oral instructions and information about the voting process.

Review a displayed sample ballot prior to voting.

Vote on a certified voting system and have their vote counted accurately.

Be treated with courtesy and respect in an atmosphere without discrimination due to disability, race, literacy, or political point of view.

Vote in an accessible polling place.

Have their minor child (under age 18) accompany them while voting.

Cast a provisional ballot if their name is not listed on the registration list and they affirm they attempted to register to vote in the county at least 30 days before Election Day, or 29 days if Sunday is the 30th day before Election Day.

Receive written notice if their provisional ballot was counted or was rejected along with the reason it was rejected.

Cast a challenged ballot if their eligibility to vote is challenged and the challenge is upheld by the election judges.


Legally register in the county at least 30 days before an upcoming Election Day, or 29 days before an upcoming Election Day if the 30th day is a Sunday.

Notify their County Election Office of any change of residential address or name change promptly in advance of any election or early voting period.

Present proper identification when they appear to vote.

Ask questions when they are confused about any election procedures.

Provide truthful information regarding their legal residence, change of address and right to vote in the county.

Refrain from campaigning or attempting to influence any voter inside the 100’ campaign boundary.

Respect the privacy and voting rights of others.

Know how to operate the voting equipment properly and ask questions prior to casting their vote, not after leaving a voting machine.

Know their precinct location and the hours of operation.

Know their voting districts, candidates, and issues on the ballot for each Election Day and to study a sample ballot when necessary.