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901 Main Street, Suite 108, Maynardville, TN 37807

Candy Booker

The Union County Election Commission’s purpose as designated
by Tennessee Code Annotated (2-1-102) is to:
– secure the freedom and purity of the ballot
– require voters to vote in the precincts they reside except as otherwise expressly permitted
– provide a comprehensive and uniform election procedure and encourage maximum participation by all citizens in the electoral process.

Candy Booker
Administrator of Elections

The Union County Election Commission is located in Maynardville, Tennessee. It is one of 95 election offices in Tennessee.

Five Commissioners are appointed by the state Election Commission and serve for two years. Appointees must be registered voters, residents of the state for 5 years, and residents of the county were appointed for two years. The Administrator is the chief officer at the Election Commission.

Office Hours

Monday-Friday from 8:00am-4:00pm

Contact Info

901 Main Street, Suite 108
P. O. Box 39, Maynardville, TN 37807
Phone   (865) 992-3471
Fax        (865) 745-1127
E-mail – union.commission@tn.gov


The Election Commission is responsible for the conduct of all elections held within Union County, including those of the cities of Maynardville, Luttrell, and Plainview. These responsibilities include polling place arrangement, appointment and training of election officials, printing of ballots, preparation of election supplies, purchase, storage and maintenance of voting machines, and the certification of election results.


  • Kyle Richardson, Chairman
  • Rodney Malone, Secretary
  • Jack Effler, Member
  • Ricky Lyn Walker, Member
  • Jeffrey Collins, Member


Sharon TurnerDeputy Administrator of Elections
Phone: 865-992-3471