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Thank you for visiting our site. We hope that you find valuable information and resources that will help you in understanding the operations of our court system. Our office strives to promote a high standard in the Judicial System as well provide courteous and efficient service to the citizens of Union County, court officials, law enforcement agencies and all individuals having business with the Courts.

Union County Court House

Important Info

All courthouse offices are open Monday-Friday from 8:00am-4:00pm

The Union County Clerk is open on Saturday from 9:00am-12:00pm


The Circuit Court Clerk ensures the efficient operation of state courts by maintaining dockets and records, handling administrative matters and serving as goodwill ambassadors to the public. The responsibly and duties of the Clerk’s Office served an important role in the operation of the court system. The clerk attends sessions of court with all papers in the cases on the docket. The clerk keeps minutes of the Court, which can be done in a well-bound book or by electronic format as long as certain rules relating to the safe-keeping of the records are followed. The Clerk’s Office deals with voluminous paperwork and the storage and retention of documents are important considerations. It’s extremely important that records of the clerk’s office are well organized for records that are appealed.

The Court Clerk maintains the rule docket and execution docket in which all court judgments or decrees are filed, with a record of all receipts and disbursements entered and disburse. The court collects state and county litigation taxes, criminal injuries, compensation tax, county expense fees, and monies for the impaired driver’s trust fund, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation fees, county fines, drug fines, sheriff’s fees, clerk’s fees, witness fees, judgments, restitution and other items of court costs. The Clerk prepares bill of costs for state reimbursement on indigent cases as well as other cost for the office according to the clerk’s fee statue and other applicable statues.

The clerk’s office also issues state and civil warrants, subpoenas, show cause orders.

The Court Clerk serves as the Jury Coordinator by selecting names of prospective jurors, to serve in the courts of the county, by random automated means, without opportunity for the intervention of any human agency to select a particular name. The clerk sends out notices to jurors with date and time fixed by the presiding judge of the judicial district to select names of prospective jurors to serve in the courts.

The clerk is responsible for the compensation of jurors at the end of their term.